Gregg Allman – ‘Low Country Blues’

With another decade behind them, the starry-eyed revivalists of the 60s have steadfast become old bluesmen themselves. Seemingly a rite-of-passage to immortalise their idols in the shape of what could cynically be passed off as ‘another covers album’, ‘Low Country Blues’ is Gregg Allman’s first solo release in 14 years; a masterful lesson in the idiom. Best remembered […]

Rhombus – ‘Here Be Dragons’

Rhombus have come to be one of modern Goth’s most respected bands: 2010′s ‘Open The Sky’ marked a quantum leap forward in terms of sound and song craft, so dramatic a leap in fact, that I could see them hurtling headlong up a stylistic cul de sac. With studio supremos Stephen Carey [Adoration; Eden House] […]

Terminal Gods – ‘Lessons in Fire’

Having fallen victim to lazy, short-sighted journalism, it remains all too easy to write Terminal Gods off as yet another smoke and shades Goth-by-numbers collective. In truth however, there was little tying debut 7 inch ‘Electric Eyes’ to the Sisters’ well-trodden path of danceable gloom – a sing-along slice of leather-clad riffage that owed as […]

New Model Army – ‘Between Dog and Wolf’

Perhaps the cult band of the 1980s, New Model Army effortlessly bridged the gap between the snarling politic of punks first-wave and its darker, more experimental [read: interesting] post-punk cousins. The “f*** you” rhetoric of punk could only go so far, and soon – as Tony Wilson once said – someone was going to want […]