Goth Reviews

Welcome to the Goth Reviews page:
I’m not here to get into debates about who and what Goth is or isn’t. Instead, I’m going to take the high road – easy and with very little traffic ahead – and offer up Mick Mercer’s philosophy: A band is defined by its audience. Though I don’t think this statement works broadly speaking, it is a neat way of compartmentalising a great many of these bands. I’ve been guilty of over-thinking such things in the past: Ataraxia, for example, fit comfortably into ‘contemporary classical’ yet have records and choice cuts sitting in numerous specialist record shops and, gulp, on ‘dark’ compilation sets across the globe; ‘Sisters of Mercy’, the genre’s biggest grey area, are simply a good rock ‘n’ roll band with certain penchants for wry humour and gloomy photographs. While I would agree that one shouldn’t unduly pigeonhole an artist or their craft, I simply do not have the time or inclination to group each and every one of my reviews into their individual subgenres.

Inkubus Sukkubus – ‘Wytches’

New Model Army – ‘Between Dog and Wolf’

Rhombus – ‘Here Be Dragons’

Sex Gang Children – ‘Shout & Scream’

The Mission – ‘Aura’