Gene Loves Jezebel – ‘Dance Underwater’

Gene Loves Jezebel may not be high on 80s playlists these days, but there has always been something special about them. Formed by brothers Michael and Jay Aston, Porthcawl’s finest came writhing out of the cellar in 1980 with [literally and figuratively] shrieking abandon. Borne of Siouxsie and the burgeoning post-punk movement, they took scything guitar […]

Sex Gang Children – ‘Shout & Scream’

Scandal, sleaze, art and darkness: Sex Gang Children were and remain one of post-punk’s most difficult outpourings. Essentially the vehicle of Andreas McElligott [Andi Sex Gang] with a contentious name borrowed from Boy George*, SGC embodied the diversity, intensity and creativity of the early 80s punk fallout. Any fan of SGC knows the minefield their […]

Ausgang – ‘Last Exit: The Best of Ausgang’

One of the earliest entries in the Cherry Red ‘Goth’ remaster series, ‘Last Exit’ collated most of Ausgang’s short and exciting career into one hugely entertaining CD. I bought this when it came out as one of my first exposures to 80s post-punk and Goth; as a born-out-of-time teenager discovering the Cult, Bauhaus and Sisters […]

The Mission – ‘Aura’

Wayne Hussey and the Mission had essentially disappeared following the creative black hole of ‘Blue’. The 1996 release created a schism between band and fans – the Blue Nun-guzzling songwriter and once press darling seemed gone for good. All fell silent until Hussey resurrected the band with co-founder Craig Adams for a one-off tour with […]

Terminal Gods – ‘Machine Beat Messiah’

Terminal Gods followed up their promising ‘Electric Eyes’ and ‘Lessons in Fire’ singles with an EP broadening their stylistic parameters. In the late 1970s the ‘alternative’ music industry was wound tight to the point of implosion – an undercurrent of frustration had begun to occur in the face of bloated and indulgent 60s alumni. As […]

A Note on Post-Punk

A few years ago a friend put together a low-key but ultimately successful post-punk compilation for a fanzine he was writing called Panic Button. The ‘zine’ was distributed the old-fashioned away: Handing copies out to passers-by who showed a modicum of interest or at least looked interesting; he also plugged it on his late-night university […]